IBM Acquire Resilient Systems and Gain Security Expert Bruce Schneier

IBM has announced today that they will be acquiring Resilient Systems and as well as the company, they will be bringing one of the biggest names in the security world on board, Bruce Schneier.

Resilient Systems specialize in developing an incident response platform that orchestrates and automates incident response processes in the case of cyber incidents including security breaches and loss of devices carrying vital data. Integrating the talents and platform of Resilient Systems into IBM Security gives them the first fully end-to-end system that combines analytics, forensics, vulnerability management and incident response in the industry said IBM.

Part of the deal for the acquisition includes plans by IBM to bring on board Resilient’s full staff of around 100 people, including Bruce Schneier, cryptography and security expert and CTO of Resilient. Exactly when the deal would be closed was not revealed by IBM, nor were any further details of the terms between the two companies.

This is just the latest step by IBM to bolster their abilities in the field of security, already hiring over 1000 security experts in the last year and appointing Mark van Zadelhoff as the manager of the security division. Monday also saw the launch of IBM X-Force Incident Response Services which aims to work with clients to assist them in planning for, managing and responding to cyber attacks. The Resilient Incident Response Platform, as well as IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, will both be a key part of these services, with the technologies planned to be integrated across IBM’s full security portfolio.

In the modern corporate world, where it is quickly becoming a case of how to respond to and handle cyber-attacks instead of just defending against them, the acquisition of Resilient helps IBM to provide an even greater security service to their customers.