HyperX Pop-Up Shop at Computex 2015

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Computex 2015 – Kingston wasn’t just inside Computex, they also had a HyperX pop-up shop outside. With a small shop and a stage, HyperX was ready to showcase their amazing high-performance storage and peripherals.

On display were the latest HyperX memory modules, solid state drives, and let us not forget the great headsets that they make. There were also several beautiful modded systems running and they were of course equipped with HyperX memory and storage drives.

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Virtual reality is the next big thing and HyperX had a system setup to try it out. The beautiful system had a Gear VR system connected for the demonstration and to let people experience the new thing.

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The Savage SSD is an amazing little drive. It is still based around the SATA3 interface, but it takes it to the limit as you might have seen in our previously released review on the drive.

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The two modded systems on display were both running with Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 memory

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InWin cases are amazing when it comes to show off the hardware inside. They might not be so photo friendly thanks to the glass, but they look amazing. We can also spot the Predator M.2 SSD in the system that easily performs with 1400MB/s and beyond.

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