Humble Weekly Bundle ‘Japan All Stars Edition’ is Super Cheap!

The huge discounts during Steam sales and various bundles makes PC gaming an affordable proposition once you’ve paid for the hardware. Certainly, the most famous bundle company is Humble which offers a host of great games at discounted prices every week. The latest Humble Weekly Bundle entitled, “Japan Edition All Stars” includes Vanguard Princess Plus Hilda Rize, Lith, Kurmi DLC packs, Unholy Heights and One Way Heroics for $1 or more!

Although, I would strongly recommend purchasing the enhanced pack for Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae alone! This bundle also comes with REVOLVER 360 RE:ACTOR, Astebreed and the games previously mentioned. At the time of writing, you only need to pay a mere $3.28 to acquire this excellent selection of games.

All of the included games are redeemable on Steam and if there are any duplicates it’s easy to gift them to a friend. I’ve always been fond of bundles involving niche indie games which can often be overlooked due to the ginormous quantity of games on the Steam store. This is certainly one of the more interesting bundles in recent memory and well worth a look!

Do you still buy indie games on Steam, or simply wait for a bundle to get them at the cheapest possible price?