Humble THQ Bundle collection crosses $ 2 Million within 24 hours

Within the 24 hours, Humble THQ Bundle collected $2,449,932 and still counting. THQ is giving away games with titles such as Saints Row, Darksiders, Metro 2033 and many titiles to raise money for charity with a minimum donation of $4.70 ($ 5.69 if you want Saints Row: The Third).

The top contribution is done by THQ’s President Jason Rubin with $ 1,050 however many have followed suit and paid the same amount.

The bundle however is Windows Only and provides Steam keys but hey- Charity!The donated money can be divided amongst 3 choices: the Charity with a choice of either Child’s Play Charity and/or  the American Red Cross,  with a choice of giving it to THQ or  Humble Bundle, Inc which will use the money to pay for developing and promoting such plans to raise money for Charity online.

For what its worth, its doing a great job and since there’s 12 days more to go, one couldn’t speculate the total amount of money being collected during that period for charity.