Huawei Accidentally Leaks its Own Smartwatch in an Ad

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has just accidentally leaked its smartwatch, one due to be revealed at Mobile World Congress. Leaks happen all the time, with products from Samsung and HTC leaking just this past week. Often, these leaks can be caused by an individual’s sneaky efforts to make things public. Well in the case of Huawei, it seems whoever was in charge of their ads, leaked this new device by accident.

Android Central discovered the ad, which doesn’t really reveal anything in the way of specs, but it does give us two pieces of information – it runs Android Wear, and it looks rather nice. It certainly looks better than competing devices from Samsung, and could probably even surpass the Moto 360 in terms of its aesthetics. It also appears that they’ve taken a page out of Apple’s book. If you weren’t aware of Huawei, you might look at that ad and think it was for a conventional watch manufacturer. With the smart suited man and the well presented watch, it seems that the company is aiming for fashion as well as technology.

We’ll be sure to hear all at Mobile World Congress this week.

Source: Gizmodo