HP’s plan to save money is to cut contractors salaries

HP, a leading manufacturer in the computer industry, has found a way to make more savings by cutting the salaries of those who cannot go on strike to protest.

In order words, HP has cut the  salaries of some of its IT contractors with rate cuts of 5% and more. As it turns out, HP isn’t the only one doing so, many IT contractors’ banking clients have also done the same. HP is even more specific on who will be affected: only the IT contractors at HP Enterprise Security Services will be affected starting April 1st, when the cuts come into action.

Even though a company spokesman stated that “Service to clients will not be affected”, it’s unlikely that freelancers will work for less money without complaining. Advanced Resource Managers’s agents are said to have confirmed the “contract variation” for HP’s ESS freelancers and even though the contractors have a choice on the matter, the current market isn’t exactly full of opportunities.

Source: Fudzilla