HP Announced Second Generation Z Turbo Drive PCIe NVMe SSD

HP didn’t just release multiple new monitors, they’re also ready with the second generation of their HP Z Turbo Drive, a PCIe SSD powered by Samsung’s NVMe technology for outstanding performance. The new NVMe standard, or relative new, is designed from the ground up for flash storage where the SATA standard goes way back to mechanical drives. This gives the new drives an advantage that’s hard to miss.

“When working at 4K resolutions, hard drive and storage performance are key,” said Danny Holland, post-production supervisor, Brain Farm Digital Cinema, “The HP Z Turbo Drive delivers astonishing power and speed at a lower cost.”

The HP Z Turbo Drive G2 can achieve sequential speeds up to 2150MB/s while reading and 1550MB/s while writing and the random 4K read IOPS come in at an impressive 300K. That is almost the double the perform of the previous generation Z Turbo Drive. The drive will initially be available as a 256GB and 512GB version, but more and larger capacities are planned for the future.

The Z Turbo Drive G2 is using MLC NAND that is rated for 3,000 program/erase cycles. That equals to an endurance rating for the 256 GB version of 146TB TBW which equals 80 GB per day for 5 years, and the 512 GB version is specified at 292 TB TBW, 160 GB per day for 5 years.

HP Z Turbo Drive is expected to be available starting in June at the two initial capacities of 256 GB and 512 GB. The MSRP will be $399 and $699, respectively.