Home-made And Working Batarangs Are Now A Thing

We all love when people get that little bit creative. So far we’ve seen a 3D printed railgun and even someone who made boomerangs based on your favourite fantasy weapons. While it was cool to see a diamond pickaxe (disclaimer: it was made of wood) fly and come back to us the classics really got to us in the form of giant wooden Batarang. Apparently this wasn’t good enough for LaserGadgets who went one step further and made a working Batarang.

LaserGadgets is a youtube channel dedicated to bringing that fictional superhero gear that we’ve all dreamed about to life. Their creations have included a Death Star style laser and even a functional Iron Man gauntlet (minus repulsor technology).

The Batarangs in question are made out of metal and at the press of a button deploy the two wings ready to help take out the Joker. If this wasn’t enough the video even explains how to make your own Batarangs! We recommend that if you do make some, you don’t start wearing black spandex and prowling the streets at night, instead enjoying what is, without a doubt, one of the coolest creations we have ever seen.

We now have a Batarang and you can even get a Batmobile golf cart. What piece of fantasy technology would you like to see made and why?