Is HBM Memory Production Affecting Availability of AMD Fury Series GPUs?

Being in the industry, it’s not uncommon for us to hear little snippets of information, rumours and a heck of a lot of top-secret stuff, but sometimes, that information comes together and gives us a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes. As many of you will know, the incredible AMD Radeon Fury and the Fury X graphics cards are soon to be released. What you likely don’t know, is that many sites, including eTeknix, likely won’t have a review on launch day. It’s fairly standard practice for sites like us to have the hardware pre-release, with few exceptions, but it seems the Fury series is being handled very differently by AMD.

We’ve caught word that the Fury cards won’t be going out for review, but also that the Fury X will only get 10 samples for the whole of the EU, reviewers will keep the cards for no more than two days, then cycle them around to the next set of reviewers. This fits in with earlier rumours we’ve heard that HBM is exceedingly difficult to produce, as well as rumours that retail stock will be in very short supply due to these manufacturing difficulties. Could it be that AMD simply don’t have enough cards to go around? From what we understand, that certainly seems to be the case. Industry sources are already whispering to us that those actually wanting to buy the card will need luck on their side. This issue will no doubt be impacted even further by the expected high demand for the new card.

So for now, we won’t be able to bring you benchmarks of the new card, but we’re certainly working hard to find a way to do so. Hopefully, we can get the right information to you, our readers, should you be eager to see how well this card performs in a real world environment before purchase; if you can find stock that is.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information.