HAWKEN Co-Op Bot Destruction Mode And New Mech Revealed

Meteor Entertainment have just announced their latest update for Hawken which  enhances its recent Ascension update with even more content for its Free to Play Mech FPS! The new update sees the release of the new Predator mech and Co-Op Bot Destruction mode with its latest HAWKEN: Invasion patch.

The Preadtor, a new medium-sized mech, adds another option to the ever-expanding pool of mechs already available. The Predator excels at ambush combat, it can prowl the battlefield cloaked by its Stalker ability,which provides both near-total invisibility plus a form of heat vision that can detect enemy mechs through walls. The Predator can easily hunt down and lay waste to enemy mechs,earning it a fearsome reputation as a true battlefield beast of prey.

Co-Op Bot Destruction allows players to team up in a desperate fight for survival. Player teams must battle their way through waves of AI drones and bot mechs, with mech-based Boss fights interspersed between the waves to keep the action constant and intense.

“We’re excited to be releasing a new mech and expanding our game modes for our community of players. The Predator is unlike anything we’ve released before” says Jason Hughes, Senior Producer at Adhesive Games, the game developer behind HAWKEN.

Adhesive CEO Khang Le of Adhesive Games adds “The latest update has again been driven primarily from the awesome feedback we continue to get on HAWKEN from the fans .” In addition to the new Predator and gameplay mode, the latest update also adds new repair drones, thruster design, three custom skins, and three solid camo colours.

I’m a big co-op fan and the new Bot Destruction mode is more than enough reason for me to fire up my mech once again, certainly cannot complain about a free-to-play game that just keeps on giving us more features!


Thank you Meteor Entertainment for providing us with this information.