Haswell CPU Support For Series 8 MSI Motherboards

It looks like MSI is planning to make all Intel 8 series motherboards compatible with the next generation Intel Haswell CPU series which has been said to be released somewhere in the second quarter of this year.

Intel is panning to release a refreshed version of the Haswell CPU line early Q2 having it target the desktop line with over 20 new SKUs, followed by a new Series 9 chipset which will basically have higher clocked cores. The difference in performance stands anywhere between 100 and 200 MHz based on the CPU. A full detailed list of the supported CPUs can be viewed on MSI’s website here.

MSI has also announced that it will have support for the new Haswell lineup on all its existing Series 8 motherboards, spanning from gaming, to overclocking and even multimedia motherboards. MSI’s gaming motherboards have a distinctive black and red design, along with a dragon motif, coming with exclusive MSI tech such as Audio Boost and Killer Gigabit Ethernet card.

The overclocking line however has a yellow and black design, undergoing rigorous testing conditions at MSI’s testing labs. Even more, an MSI overclocking board was used in setting the world record for CPU frequency, which is at 7.14 GHz, in addition to also having Military Class 4 components which boosts the longevity of the board and ensures stability even in the most extreme conditions.

Whatever it may be, MSI is keen on having its name on the top of the list when it comes to motherboard support and quality, whether you are just looking to play and get the most suitable experience out of your PC, or looking to go beyond and stress out your specs to their limits with overclocking.

Thank you VR-Zone for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of MSI