Haswell Compatible Corsair PSU’s Detailed, Is Your System Compatible?

Intel’s Haswell processor is almost upon us and with it comes the release of several new features that will help this next gen processors use less power than ever before, but there is a catch. For these features to work properly your power supply (PSU) needs to be able to move these low power states efficiently, or even detect them at all and should it not support them you could have an undervoltage issue, irregular shutdown, BSOD issues or maybe even no issues other than not reaching your peak energy efficiency for your system, either way it seems like a perfect time to ensure your PSU pairs up well with Haswell.

Haswell uses the C6/C7 power states, which require a minimum load of 0.05A on the 12B2 rail and this is something many PSU’s simply cannot provide, especially older PSU designs and most likely a fair few cheaper brands, what is worse is that PSU manufacturers have never stated what their minimum amps are on the rails… no one really needed to know before I guess, at least until now.

There are two solutions, turn of the features in your BIOS or make sure you have a PSU that can handle the job properly and the good guys at Corsair have reached out, done the hard work of testing their components for you and given up a list of all the Corsair PSU’s that are guaranteed to work with Haswell, which they published on their site earlier this week.

So, is your system ready for Haswell?