Harmonix Music VR Coming to Samsung Gear VR

This week we revealed to you that Samsung had teamed up with Oculus VR to release their new Gear VR mobile headset, following that we found out that Rock Band developer Harmonix was working on the device. We now know that the music game loving team are working on music visualizer Harmonix Music VR.

“It uses Harmonix’s proprietary Music Analysis Engine to generate a song-specific, high-resolution event sequence that drives the reactive elements in your virtual world,” the developer stated in its recent announcement on the project.

So basically it’s a music player and some cool special effects, although exactly what it’ll look like is a complete mystery. Perhaps we could end up with something like AudioSurf or maybe just some cool stuff to see, either way it sounds more like the work of your average indie developer, as I was expecting Harmonix to be working a unique port of one of their main franchises.

“Harmonix has always been interested in creating fundamentally new ways for people to interact with music,” said studio CEO Steve Janiak. “There’s an incredible amount of potential for this with virtual reality, and Harmonix Music VR is just one way we can deliver on these types of innovative experiences. We can’t wait to hear what people think about this new way to experience the music they love.”

The new project isn’t what I was expecting from Harmonix, given that a unique Rock Band release would be infinitely cooler, but I’m still eager to see how it turns out.

Thank you Eurogamer for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Eurogamer.