Hard drives prices set to drop next month

If you’ve been waiting for an upgrade in your storage yet have been hesitant to buy a hard drive with the current prices, you may be doing a good thing by waiting it out for another month.

DigiTimes has reported that the Taiwan market is getting ready to drop the price of hard drives by around 10% by the end of April. Such a move will partly promote sales once more, since the Thailand flooding, buyers have been hesitant on stocking the hard drives due to the price increase.

During the third quarter last year, the HDD makers supplied the market with between 170 million and 180 million units, however after the floods, the number went down considerably and has since then been recovering slowly. The HDD makers are expected to reach about 150 million units shipped by the end of the second quarter this year, ultimately reaching the previous 170 million to 180 million units in the third quarter.

Even though the shipping may come back to normal, or it least according to the HDD makers, the price of the hard drives won’t return to the pre-flood levels as, according to Digitimes, the increase in production costs will keep the prices higher compared to last year’s.

Source: HotHardware