H1Z1: Early Access PC Version Coming Soon, but no PS4 Release This Year

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We are still eagerly awaiting Sony Online Entertainment to reveal the exact release date of their upcoming H1Z1 Early Access Alpha for Steam, but recent updates suggest that the alpha edition release date draws near.

“As for the game, we are currently in a pre-alpha stage of development, and have an Early Access feature list that we are working against to hit launch status. That means every day new items, features and abilities get created and checked into the game world. said Tom Schenck, H1Z1 Technical Director.

New features, items and most interestingly of all a powerful dynamic weather system is now running in builds of the game, offering unique fighting and survival opportunities.

“Our weather system is dynamic; it comes and goes as like a normal weather system does. What makes it different is it actually affects you. We are not just putting the rain in the game because it looks cool, we are putting rain in the game because we want it to put out camp fires. We wanted to make you cold, we want to make sure that when rain comes you’re actually aware of it and you’re going try to survive.” said Adam Clegg

When pushed for details of a release date during an interview with GamingBolt, Adam added;

“As far as the PS4 version is concerned we are actually concentrating on the PC release. No one in the development team is working on the PS4 [version] and we are focused 100% on PC, for now.”

So there you have it, a laser like focus on the PC development and daily updates being tested means that we shouldn’t have long to wait now, but PlayStation 4 owners will just have to find something else to do, because with no one working on their edition, they’ve still got a long wait ahead.

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