GTA V Stunts Get Better and Better

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GTA V, already 2 years old and still making history. Rockstar have sold almost 52 Million copies of the game across all platforms, worth around $2 Billion. It has some great features and some seriously amazing gameplay.

To show what level of detail the developers have thought into, the fancy cars (such as the cheetah) will make the door open sounds if you rip the door off until it gets fixed. If you drive a tank through the streets – pedestrians will stop and stare too.

The modding industry for the PC platform has also presented us with some quite hilarious changes, such as the mod that allows your gun to shoot cars instead of bullets as we reported last month.

There is also a drift mod that will allow you to go crazy in Los Santos. You can drift any vehicle you can get your hands on. I posted an article a month ago demonstrating this and with instructions too! Just remember though, if modding your GTA then you should be vigilant about where you download the mods from as one of our reporters found out.

It’s easy to see why the game is so popular amongst gamers, the latest craze is now to perform almost near impossible stunts within the game, so for your amusement we have taken the time to find the best ones for you:

This video shows a Semi Truck doing a jump, disconnecting the trailer mid-air, flipping, reconnecting the trailer and landing again. Pretty Impressive we thought!

The Same YouTuber, BlackSmoke Billy also managed to do a corkscrew in a dump truck.

This video shows a funny side of these stunts, a compilation of some of the Fails and a few wins.

This video also shows several attempts and eventually a success as YouTuber Thelvaneh tries to catch several cars inside a cargo plane.

What are your favourite GTA V stunts, wins and fail videos? Post them in the comments below!

Images courtesy of VR-Zone

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