Graphics Card Buying Guide Spring 2015

I only want to do basic graphical tasks such as office programs and browse the internet

If you are one of those users who only use the machine for work and internet browsing, then the graphic output offered by the processor will be more than enough for your needs. The integrated graphics unit (IGPU) in current processors can handle video playback of 1080p with ease, some can even offer higher resolutions, but this puts more of a strain on the processor and could make the viewing experience less than satisfactory.

Here you have two options to choose from: Intel integrated HD graphics and AMD Kaveri APU range. Both of these will comfortably carry out all basic tasks with high-quality video playback. If you are only going to be browsing the internet and carrying out basic office tasks, here are the two I would recommend.

AMD A6-5400k @ £34.99. This is the cheapest of the AMD APU Black Edition range, but don’t let that put you off. This little dual core CPU has enough integrated graphics power to provide a seamless video quality experience for little money.

Intel Pentium G3420 @ £44.99. Even though this is one of the cheapest process in the current Haswell line up, it has enough processing and graphical power to carry out all of the day-to-day tasks you could wish, even playing Facebook games.