Grand Theft Auto V For PC Petition Tops 650,000 Signatures

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, PC users hoped that Rockstar will have some news on a PC version as well. They were wrong, but that was something to be expected since the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV (which was released on PC eventually, only a bit later on). Even so, petitions were bound to pop up from somewhere.

This was the case of Mike Julliard, the man who started the GTA V for PC petition, after he saw an interview with Dan Houser, Rockstar Games’s Vice President, in which Dan pointed out the possibility of bringing the title to other platforms. This is due to Rockstar being a third-party developer, entitled to the freedom of deciding when and where to launch it.

With no news of the PC version under way, Julliard started the petition well ahead its launch. By the time it was released on Xbox, the petition had reached 500,000 signatures, with it having more than 650,000 today. The petition’s target is to reach 1 million signatures and afterwards present it to Rockstar. However, some people think that the current petition and signatures alone served its purpose, and it’s hard to believe Rockstar hasn’t heard about it.

The question now remains if the game will be out sooner, rather than later. But the most important think to ponder about is if the game will simply be a cheap porting of the console version or a whole new PC-oriented release. The petition can be seen (and signed if you are a PC gamer and are currently eagerly awaiting the PC version release) here.

Thank you Tech Spot for providing us with this information