Grand Theft Auto Players in Search of Jetpack Find Memorial Island Instead

Some players from Grand Theft Auto have been searching Los Santos for a jetpack since the title was released. However, they seemed to have found some other touching memorials put inside by the devs instead.

Players are reported to have found an easter egg by trying to solve the Mt Chiliad mystery, as seen below:

Some research done on the bench revealed that it was put there to commemorate one of Rockstars employees, Chris Edwards, who was credited on titles such as Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto and LA Noire. He apparently passed away in 2014.

“As it happens, after pioneering in Second Life, Chris went on to create art for Rockstar Games, for Grand Theft Auto V. I know this, because I asked his widow (Alayne Wartell IRL, Fallingwater Cellardoor in SL) and she confirmed to me that he’d become an artist for Rockstar. And I told her about the memorial for her late husband in the game. Rockstar had told her about the tribute, she told me, but because she doesn’t have a Playstation 4, hadn’t seen it for herself. But she told me she was glad someone had finally found it. She was even more pleased that the memorial had led players to go searching for Chris, and wound up seeing the photo of her and husband together, during their happy times.” New World Notes states.

In addition to the latter easter egg, players have also found what was considered a suspicious spot with a peculiar telescope. It is reportedly pointing in a direction and players though it was leading them to something specific or at least another clue.

“The telescope seems to be pointing in the rough area where the rumoured fourth UFO is,” one player wrote. “I really think we will be able to view something special with this telescope,” another player opined.

Up until now, there have been many easter eggs uncovered in Rockstar’s title. However, a jetpack is unfortunately not amongst them just yet.

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information