Google’s New Logo Is Tiny In Bytes Compared To Its Predecessor

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If you haven’t noticed, Google has recently launched a new logo with the aim of integrating all its services into one banner and to also add compatibility for the multitude of devices which are available on the market today. One aspect which is compelling is the comparable size of the corporation’s new logo which stands at a tiny 305 bytes which is far lower than the colossal 14,000 bytes of its old design.

But, why was the old logo so large and why should I care? The evidence is surprisingly interesting than it might sound. Firstly, the old logo implemented a complicated Serif font which used Bezier curves, this meant that 6 letters had a combined total of 100 anchor points which added a total of 6KB or 6,380 bytes, although when compressed the total size which plummeted to 2KB or 2,145 bytes.

As you can see below, comparing a simplified version of the new logo with that of the previous one really conveys the difference, for example, the new logo can be constructed entirely of circles except for the lower case “g”, below are the stats concerning the new logo

  • 10 circles (2 each for the capital G and lower case g, 2 for each O, and 2 for the e)
  • 5 rectangles (2 for the capital G, 1 for the lower case l, 2 for the e)
  • 1 shape made with 7 anchor points (the descender on the lower-case )

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It seems the search giant is aiming for more minimalist design which is far less complicated than the old approach. It is also worth noting that Google pumps around substantial amounts of data every second of every day, even a lower size logo would make a difference to its servers and also to the end consumer, think data caps etc. A logo is there to primarily and quickly be identifiable to the consumer, it’s there to instantly catch the corner of the eye and, therefore, the design can be simpler, after all, now that Google have built up their brand to such a huge extent, it’s difficult to miss them.

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