Google’s Delivery Drone Shown in Action

Google isn’t just working on self driving cars, they also want to take it to the skies. We’ve seen them with their Wi-Fi balloons before to spread internet to rural areas, but this one is a bit more commercially aimed. The secretive Google X team has been working on Project Wing for a couple of years now, a drone based delivery system. We’ve seen similar in the past from Amazon, but that was more a theoretical part where Google shows us an actual working prototype in action.

Google is a good guy that helps to evolve in many areas and isn’t just a profit mongering company. In the same way these new automated flying vehicles aren’t so much planned for the next generation On-line Google Mall, but rather to help in areas where help is needed fast, but at the same time aren’t easy accessible by conventional means. They could deliver medical supplies, water or food for example.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”600″][/youtube]

With just a few of these drones in action, it’s easy to see how they could make a real difference in emergency and catastrophe situations. In the video however we see the drone drop off some snacks for the dogs. This is also, in a way, a good deed.

Thank you Cnet for providing us with these information

Image and video courtesy of Google.