Google to launch 1000 megabit internet service

Google has launched an internet service that is a whopping “100 times faster” than the internet most people have. Based on the fact most people utilise a 10 megabit connection, Google’s 1000 megabit or 1 gigabit (128MB/s) is 100 times faster.

Lucky citizens of Kansas City, Missouri are initially the only people eligible for this new service. Given most ISPs only offer 2/8/10/20/50/100 megabit packages, the 1000 megabit offered by Google is just mind boggling.

Downloading a 1GB file over a 10 megabit connection would take roughly 13 minutes 40 seconds. The same 1GB file on Google’s internet would theoretically take 8 seconds.

The service costs $70 per month without the TV package and $120 per month with the TV package. There is also a small $10 pre-register fee required for eligible customers. A free 5 megabit service will be offered to ensure that everyone in an area has internet access, but that free service costs an initial $300 to set up. That fee is cancelled for subscribers to either of the two higher packages ($70 or $120 per month).

On September the 9th Google will select the “fiberhoods” with the most desire for high-speed internet to install first. Other areas will get the service too, if the demand is there.

Although Google’s package is theoretically brilliant, straight away it is worth pointing out that most people would never reach these speeds because of the fact most people do not possess the required hardware.

To get the speeds you would need a 1000 megabit capable wireless (gigabit) or wired router, with a 1000 megabit capable wireless adapter or wired ethernet port, a hard drive capable of writing at 128MB/s and the fiber optic infrastructure around your phone line and street to allow you to reach those speeds.