Google Street View Visits Word’s Largest Model Railway

Google uses some pretty incredible hardware in order to create Street View – the technology that provides panoramic views of most of the world’s city streets. However, it looks like the tech can also be implemented on a smaller scale, as proven by this adorable project that was put together by Google and Ubilabs. The two companies joined forces in order to assemble a series of miniature Street View vehicles that traveled on the streets of Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, which is the largest model railway in the world. The vehicles were equipped with very small cameras, and they were able to traverse the roads and the train tracks of the model railway with ease.

Along the way, they managed to capture the miniature environment in incredible detail, including a recreation of Hamburg, a small Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, a mini Las Vegas and a fictional town situated between the Alps and Harz. The pictures were taken from the vehicles’ point of view, which is why they look incredibly real and detailed. Even though all of these images are impressive in their own way, I personally enjoyed the ones of the Las Vegas Strip the most, as they feature outstanding lighting and vibrant colors. If you want to explore the entire Miniatur Wunderland using Street View, you can always head over to Google’s website.