Google To Set Compliance Standards For Android-based Portable Navigation Devices

There are quite a few PND manufacturers out there that have succeeded in releasing Android-based navigation gadgets and features, and even embed them into car dashboards. However, Google intends to make a set of compliance standards that the gadgets and devices have to pass in order to be released.

Having certain standards and requirements set will certainly benefit users that make use of the tech and will improve the software. However, it might not be so good for the device manufacturers, having to put more effort and resources into assuring that the requirements set by Google are met. In turn, this will affect vehicle manufacturers as well and possibly have an impact on price, whereas time equals money as they say.

Current android-based PNDs have been rolled out by Garmin, Mitac International and Papago, but since most PND suppliers are not member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), their products are unable to secure verification from Google, or do not have support all Google applications.

Whether PND manufacturers will comply with Google’s requirements, we will have to see. There is still a way for them to evade the compliance area by transforming themselves into white-box Android PND manufacturers as some smartphone manufacturers did to solve problems such as this.

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Image courtesy of Slashgear