Google Photos App Continues to Sync Photos After Uninstall

One might think that an application would stop with the uploading and synchronizing of files when you uninstall it, but not so with the Google Photos App as David Arnott, a journalist at Nashville Business Journal, recently discovered.

After downloading and testing the Google Photos App, he decided that it wasn’t for him and uninstalled it again, expecting it to actually be removed and stop its functionality. But he discovered months later when visiting the online version of Photos that it didn’t and it had continued to upload and synchronize photos of him, his family, and other snapshots taken.

And where do you take out frustrations on developers, you do that on twitter; and so did David Arnott. In a series of five tweets, he posted his problem.

Google responded to Arnott in an Email, stating that “the backup was as intended” and that the settings would have to be turned off in the phone’s Google Play Services settings. In contrast to other application, Google Photos’ settings are connected with the Google Play Services where Google Play keeps Google Photos’ settings even after it is removed and continues to sync your files.

This surely can’t be right, it just isn’t appropriate for a service to continue to upload your personal photos to the cloud after you uninstalled it.

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