Google May Be Looking To Buy WhatsApp

According to rumours technology giant Google is looking to acquire the software company that have developed and created WhatsApp. The move by Google is similar in style to that performed by Facebook when they acquired the social photography website Instagram for $1 billion USD.

So far in the mobile space Google have mainly relied upon their own products such as the Android OS and Apps like Google Maps. The move to buy WhatsApp suggests Google wants to make much more rapid progress in the mobile market.

Digital trends has stated that the deal between Google and WhatsApp could be worth well over $1 billion USD, which is what Facebook paid for Instagram. Interestingly, Facebook were also interested in WhatsApp at one stage so it is still possible WhatsApp could be negotiating with many companies at the same time.

The acquisition is by no means guaranteed as Google is currently developing its own social messaging service called “Babble” or “Babel” which is likely to want to invest most of its time and money into. However, given the limited success of Google + it seems likely Google may purchase WhatsApp as a back up plan, should its own messaging service not end up as successful as Google wants it to be.

What do you think of Google trying to buy WhatsApp? Is it a good business move from Google? Are any of you that use WhatsApp worried by the prospect of Google buying it?