Google Kills Glass Explorer Programme

Google has pulled the plug on the Glass Explorer programme, but insists the product isn’t dead. Google is ending support for the device “in its current form”.

Glass will no longer be managed under the extravagant “blue sky” Google X group, but instead will have its own division within Google. That division will be managed by Glass’ current head Ivy Ross who will, perhaps most interestingly, report directly to Tony Fadell – the so-called “father of the iPod” who formerly worked at Apple and left to found home automation company Nest – which was of course acquired by Google.

Many expected something like this to come along – signs that Google was changing its focus or even losing interest in Glass had been emanating from the company for a while. The project has been rather stagnant from the outside, with little in the way of any changes to the device since the launch of the Glass Explorer programme. Many also expected it to receive a wide consumer release – something that now still seems far away.

The Explorer Programme close and subsequently Google will stop selling Glass from next week.

Source: BBC News