Google Glass on Sale in the UK, So Residents Can Become ‘Glassholes’

Google Glass is now available in the UK with a whopping £1,000 price tag, but the device is still in the prototype phase, and is currently aimed towards developers.

Any UK resident at least 18 years old and with a credit card can now join the Google Explorer Programme, asking participants to provide feedback.

Here is what Ivy Ross, Google Head of Glass, recently said:

“Technology is at its best when it fits seamlessly into our lives and lets us get on with whatever we’re doing.  Our goal for Glass is exactly that – to make it easier to bring people the technology they rely on without drawing them out of the moment.”

Google is said to be working on facial recognition, an enhanced zoom-in camera and Internet stream for new versions of Glass.

The UK is the second region, following the United States, to receive a Glass product release – with the invite-only program dating back to 2012, with a regular product release in May 2014.  There are an estimated 300,000 Glass users in the United States, but Google hasn’t released official sales numbers.

Despite initial intrigue of Glass, there have been complaints of privacy concerns in the United States.  Some restaurants and bars in San Francisco banned patrons from wearing Glass, and some Glass wearers have been harassed and assaulted.

Thank you to Sky News for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Google