Google Glass Could Soon Make Its Way Into The Doctors Exam Room

Nashvill based startup Octovis, Inc. are looking to bring Google’s $1500 Glass into the examination room and operating theatre. Their intention is to make it easier for doctors to take notes, access patient information, check MRI results and more while performing surgery. Of course it could also allow them to update their Facebook status while testing your reflexes.

Octovis aren’t even the first company to try this, with Augmedix, Wearable Intelligence and Pristine all playing their hand in the market, although most of them are working on using the device in the emergency room. Octovis want to improve doctor-patient interaction in the exam room and having your information right in front of them could not only speed up assessments, but also give the doctor more time with you, rather than leaving you to check their computer for information.

It still remains to be seen if their concept will work, but they expect to start trials as well as offering their software and the Glass devices through a subscription model soon.

Thank you CNET for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of CNET.