Google Files Lawsuit Against MPAA and State Attorney General

In retaliation for the Motion Picture Association of America’s secret campaign to undermine it, Google has taken legal action against both the MPAA and one of the Attorneys General the MPAA paid to do its dirty work. The campaign, codenamed Goliath, was revealed by leaked documents from the recent Sony hack.

On Friday morning, Google filed a lawsuit in Mississippi District Court against State Attorney General Jim Hood, accusing Hood of targeting the company with a “burdensome, retaliatory” subpoena that accused Google of violating Mississippi consumer protection law without valid grounds. As the lawsuit puts it, “The Attorney General may prefer a pre-filtered Internet, but the Constitution and Congress have denied him the authority to mandate it.”

Google has also launched evidentiary actions against the MPAA and its retained legal counsel at Jenner & Block, requiring the two parties to retain documents pertaining to the Goliath campaign, suggesting another lawsuit could be en route.

Source: The Verge