Gladiator Computers BATTALION 800 Gaming PC Review

Acoustic, Power & Thermal Performance

Acoustic Performance

Despite the system’s budget focus, the desktop experience during both idle and load conditions is absolutely marvellous. As you can see from the data below, the BATTALION 800 produces one of the quietest noise outputs we’ve encountered and there were various instances when I had to double-check the system hadn’t entered sleep mode.

Power Consumption

The incredibly efficient Skylake architecture at stock parameters combines with the GTX 970 to consume less than 250 watts under load. This is astonishing and showcases the low TDP of modern components.

Thermal Performance

Running any Skylake CPU at the stock voltages makes it fairly easy to obtain low thermals. Under extreme load, the system reported an average CPU temperature of 56 degrees and reached a maximum of 63. On another note, the custom cooled GTX 970 experienced slightly higher temperatures than I expected but it’s still well within safe operating temperatures.