Gladiator Computers BATTALION 800 Gaming PC Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

As expected, the system’s i5 6500 3.6GHz turbo boost limits the performance compared to higher-end alternatives. Additionally, the lack of hyperthreading means the synthetic numbers are lower than i7 counterparts from various generations.

Super Pi

In terms of compute time, the system’s processor fares pretty well and outperforms the Vibox Defcon 3 Red with an identical CPU by a surprisingly large margin.

AIDA64 Engineer

The BATTALION 800’s 16GB dual channel DDR4 2133MHz memory configuration offers good read, write and copy rates. Although, this is the bare minimum for DDR4 memory speeds and increasing the model chosen to 2400MHz wouldn’t have a profound impact on the final price. Saying that, you’re unlikely to notice a difference in gaming scenarios.