Gladiator Computers BATTALION 800 Gaming PC Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

PC Mark 8

PC Mark 8 provides an accurate indication of system performance during commonly used desktop tasks including basic photo editing and web browsing. Here we can see the i5 6500’s 3.6GHz turbo frequency and GTX 970 combines to record impressive numbers. Furthermore, the gap to higher end options with more potent hardware isn’t that substantial.


The BATTALION 800’s GTX 970 offers impeccable performance without breaking the bank and features an astonishing price to performance ratio. Even though the included Zotac model opts for more conservative stock clocks, this can easily be improved through manual overclocking.

Unigine Heaven

As expected, the performance is extremely similar in Heaven 4.0 and showcases the system’s 3D capabilities. It’s almost impossible to analyse the minute variation between each GTX 970 custom build because they remain within an acceptable margin of error.