Gladiator Computers APOCALYPSE Gaming PC Review

Acoustic, Power & Thermal Performance

Acoustic Performance

Under idle conditions, the system is so quiet which makes watching movies, and basic productivity tasks a complete joy. Even when stressed, the noise output only increases by a small amount and almost reached the best load result on record. Honestly, I was surprised by the noise performance and expected the budget chassis, and affordable fans to emit sudden RPM increases.

Power Consumption

The GLADIATOR APOCALYPSE consumes more wattage than you might expect during idle states given the CPU’s locked multiplier and efficient GPU. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about though and remains well under 100 watts. When a heavy load was applied, the wattage increased to an impressive 245.6 watts which exemplifies the system’s economically friendly nature. In the grand scheme of things, a 100-150 wattage increase doesn’t really impact on electricity bills that much.

Thermal Performance

As expected, the CPU’s stock voltage and base frequency results in a very low load temperature of 49 degrees Celsius. That’s not to say the result isn’t worthy of recognition though because the included heatsink provides this level of performance while offering quiet operation. NVIDIA’s Maxwell architecture is also highly efficient and able to run at its maximum potential without getting close to its thermal limitations.