Gittler Launch All Titanium Guitar On Kickstarter – No Neck Or Body!

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The guitar is a pretty “traditional” instrument – the core design of the guitar hasn’t really changed for decades, maybe even centuries. Sure some decades ago the world developed the electric guitar alongside the long-running acoustic guitar and since then we’ve made significant advances to electric guitar technology. Yet nothing has really changed the concept of the guitar in a revolutionary way – but Gittler are hoping to do that.

The Gittler Guitar is made from titanium and is unique in that it ditches the neck and it ditches the body. Why? Well Gittler believe that tone woods are redundant and that the basic elements of vibration and gain are the only truly indispensable elements at work when playing a guitar – so the Gittler Guitar aims to remove the unnecessary parts of the guitar. Allan Gittler likened guitars as we know them to all molding their designs from the same piece of clay.

The Gittler Guitar itself isn’t necessary new, it was launched and patented in 1970s by Allan Gittler, though very few were made and they now mainly reside in museums. The Gittler Guitar is made from aircraft grade 6AL-4V Titanium and is 100% Roland compatible.

On Kickstarter backers can get in on the Gittler action and buy it at a “reduced price” of $3995 or grab the special edition for $4995. Gittler say that your Kickstarter pledge becomes a deposit for the guitar and you can pay the rest once your item is complete.

Check out more details on this fascinating guitar right here.

Image courtesy of Gittler (Kickstarter)

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2 Comments on Gittler Launch All Titanium Guitar On Kickstarter – No Neck Or Body!

  • Avatar Peter Donnell says:

    OK I really need to try on of these out, 16 years of playing and I still don’t know what it would be like to rock out on one of these things!

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    Pay the rest??? That guy smokes too much Cedar, Ash & Poplar wood from his guitars. Fat chance.

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