Girl Writes Giant Message in Desert for Her Astronaut Father

What do you do when you want to message a member of your family? You call them, text them, perhaps drop them a message on Facebook. This is of course quite simple and thanks to modern technology, it’s still possible to send your father any of those, even when he’s on the International Space Station, but it’s not as epic as what one 13-year-old girl did.

Stephanie, with a lot of help from car manufacturer Hyundai and their fleet of 13 sat-nav guided cars, decided to set a new world record. They wrote an enormous message in the sand of Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake, so big, that it could be seen from the ISS, where Stephanie’s father was working.

The stunt was genuine, setting a new record for ‘The largest tire track image’ and was verified by Guinness World Records, oh and by her dad, who snapped a picture of it from space (see above).

This is pretty incredible and while the message was primarily done as a marketing campaign for Hyundai, we have to admit, it was a bloody good one and it’s certainly a lot bigger than the average billboard.

If you could write anything that big on the Earth, what would it be, and dare I ask, why? Let us know in the comments section below.