Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980Ti Xtreme Gaming Graphics Card Review

Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light’s advanced texture quality, and stunning graphics fidelity makes it a great benchmarking tool for GPU performance. Here we can see the Gigabyte GTX 980Ti Xtreme Gaming provides a marvellous 1920×1080 experience and a great choice for any high refresh 1080P monitor.

Increasing the resolution to 1440P helps bring the Fury X to the forefront and attains the top spot by less than 1 frame. Despite this, the Gaming GTX 980Ti Xtreme Gaming is the better overall performer due to a significantly higher minimum frame-rate.

During 4K testing, the graphics card recorded the best average and minimum statistics thus far. Once again, it’s very close between the top-end solutions and within a margin of error. This showcases the fantastic performance from a wide range of graphics cards targeting customers with a 4K panel.