Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 OC WindForce 3x 2GB Graphics Card Review

Moving towards overclocking, we’ve seen may times before that Gigabyte give their cards a reasonable overclock over reference speeds, and this not only gives a good boost in performance, but it’s also close to where the core’s top speed is. To aid with overclocking, the cards power target is raised as far as it will go (an additional 20%). Raising the core clock up, the card tops out at 1210MHz, boosting at 1262MHz, however when moving over to the memory overclock, the core needed to be lowered in order to keep the card stable.

Drooping the core clock back to 1200MHz (1252MHz boost) allowed the memory to flow free and after a lot of tweaking, the memory came so close to hitting 2000Mhz, however it just wasn’t to be this time. Overclocking to 1993MHz however is very impressive, working out as a 14% gain.

With a core overclock of just over 5% and a memory overclock of 14%, the WindForce 770 sees a performance gain of just over 6%, which is a nice addition although we do have to remember that this is already an overclocked card and performance will already be up from a reference GTX 770.