Giada Announce D2308 Performance Mini PC

While a lot of the mini PCs currently available on the market are often lacking in performance Giada have taken a different stance opting for a very high level of performance in a very compact design. The D2308 is their latest compact desktop and it features the choice of an Intel Core i5/i7 Haswell CPU along with an Nvidia GTX 650 GPU. Furthermore unlike its older D2305 counter part it has three antennas for better WiFi signal reception and throughput up to 450mbps, that is 150mbps per antenna.

The Giada D2308 appears to be versatile enough for a wide range of uses (HTPC, Office, etc..) given its ability to support 4k by 2k content, play BluRay/DVDs and support the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).Thje Giada D2308 supports up to 16GB of SODIMM RAM and has 1GB of onboard video memory. The motherboard features a couple of mPCIe slots for adding things like mSATA SSDs. The device uses Gigabit LAN and ALC662 5.1 HD audio.

The front I/O consists of  two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, the usual audio ports and a 4 in 1 card reader. Internal interfaces include TPM, SATA and mPCIe. The BIOS is provided by Phoenix EFI and supports ACPI. Giada haven’t been particularly clear if the CPU/GPU are mobile or desktop variants and the SODIMM does make it more confusing. It is possible to use SODIMM modules with desktop class processors and GPUs but it is more commonly done with mobile parts. Also the case does appear too small to support a GTX 650 video card (even laying flat), but it also possible to solder desktop video cards to the motherboard.

Image courtesy of Giada