Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Video Reveals the Truth Behind E3 Builds

Game developers always want to make their games look good in front of the rabid crowds of journalists and game fans and it is no secret that the builds used to demonstrate their games often seem more impressive than the finished product. Youtuber ‘PtoPOnline’ managed to get his hands on a build of Ghost Recon: Future Solider used to show off its gameplay at E3 2010 and it gives a glimpse of what this (and likely many other games) are like in such a state.

When you pull back the curtain on these technical demos, the gameplay demonstrated almost seems as unreal as the early cutscenes that are not rendered using the real game engine. Of course, everything seems fine when you follow the path intended to be shown, albeit with scripted events meant to seem as if they are real gameplay, occurring with no input from the player. Going off the beaten track is where things start to fall apart. Whether it is to make the demo go smoother due to lack of optimization or the incompleteness of some systems, the game’s AI is almost completely absent and outside of specific circumstances, many enemies are completely invulnerable to gunfire.

For a complete overview of just how much the Future Soldier E3 demo can be broken, make sure to check out the video. PtoPOnline provides great commentary as he shows off the flaws in the build and provides insight into the reasons for it, making it an informative watch.