Get Ready for More Ads on Your Instagram Feed

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It looks like Facebook wants more money out of its services and is now looking into monetizing Instagram. Though there were limited ads present on the service, a lot of marketers and investors were eyeing the service for a long time and with good reason too. The service now has more than 300 million users and could be seen as a gold mine.

The company said that it also plans on using data from users’ Facebook accounts in order to deliver more targeted ads on accounts. Also, to provide more support for companies interested in placing their ads on Instagram, a new Instagram Ads API and Facebook ad buying interface will roll out “over the coming months“.

Facebook noted that it is currently testing out new types of ads that would allow advertisers to make their ads more interactive. This means that users will be able to install apps and buy goods inside Instagram, maximizing the monetizing potential from the very start.

However, when it comes to the actual user, I personally don’t think people will be happy to see one picture of their friends followed by several ads. But that is just my opinion, so how about you? Are you happy with Facebook’s new monetizing strategy for their Instagram service? Let us know!

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  • Avatar Lopalos says:

    Nope, I will probably remove the Application.. I don’t use it much anyway, the camera on the app is absolutely shocking..

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