Gelid SnowStorm CPU Cooler Released

Gelid are one of the biggest names in the cooling industry, their thermal pastes are some of the most popular among the enthusiast and overclocking communities, and their CPU coolers have often offered good performance for reasonable prices. Their latest cooler might not help you set any new benchmarking world records, but its compact heatsink design, which features three power heatpipes and a 92mm fan with PWM, will help keep your computer cool and quiet.

The SnowStorm CPU cooler has been designed with a unique fin architecture, which Gelid claim will distribute airflow equally around the heatsink. It features three direct touch heat pipes, which promise “unexpected cooling performance” and the PWM fan control is said to offer silent operation at low CPU temperatures.

Obviously not the greatest CPU cooler in the world, but for just 21 EUR and backed up with a 5 year warranty, the SnowStorm is looking like a great product for those on a tighter budget and I’m eager to find out how it performs in benchmarks, as Gelid coolers have proven reliable in the past.

Thank you Gelid for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Gelid.