Gelid Antarctica Ultra-Quiet Tower CPU Cooler Review

A Closer Look

The fan is one of Gelid’s own design, a high-quality and durable 140mm design that features 9 fan blades that are shaped for maximum airflow at low RPM.

It comes with all black fittings and a black sleeved 4-pin PWM cable.

The cooling tower is really nicely constructed, with a durable fin stack that provides a sizeable surface area despite the slim tower design.

The sides of the stack are closed off to better direct the airflow through the fins and past the heat pipes, which should help further enhance the overall cooling performance.

There are five heat pipes in total, each bent into a “U” shape to pass through the left and right sides of the cooling tower for better heat distribution, and each passes right through the nicely finished top panel.

There’s a smaller heat sink design on the CPU block, where a small array of fins will provide extra cooling support and no doubt help with higher TDP hardware.

The heat pipes are packed in nice and tight, providing excellent coverage of the large copper contact plate. The surface is nice and smooth too, which will provide a nice clean fit over your CPU of choice.