Geforce GTX 780 Launching On May 23rd – GTX 770 Due May 30th

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Yesterday afternoon we brought you the news that the Nvidia’s GTX 780 could cost more on launch than the GTX 680, and earlier this month we told you that the GTX 700 series of cards could be coming in May, well now we’re in may, so where are these new graphics cards?

Word has it that the new graphics cards are going to launch later this month and that Nvidia plan to launch not one, but two cards, just a single week apart.

The more expansive and powerful card, the Geforce GTX 780 is expected to launch on 23rd of May at 6am PTD. The less powerful of the two, but still by no means lacking in performance of its own, is the GTX 770 and that will launch on the 30th of May also at 6am PDT. Both dates are valid for the tier one customers.

The GK110 chip is to be powering the GTX 780 and you might remember that chip from such graphics cards as the GTX Titan, which as well all know is some seriously impressive hardware. The less powerful GTX 770 is running on the GK104 425 architecture which is an improvement over the original GK104 28nm chip, but I guess well find that out when benchmarks and tests start rolling in later in the month.

I would expect anything ground breaking from these new cards, they will of course be more powerful and likely more efficient than their 6xx counterparts but as with any new card generation, it will take a little while for them to find there groove and really flex their muscles.


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5 Comments on Geforce GTX 780 Launching On May 23rd – GTX 770 Due May 30th

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    If the price is reasonable, then these would be great. Otherwise.. well, existing series is already good enough to skip through one generation..

  • Only reason to get excited about this rebrand is that you may be able to pick up some 6xx series cards at a good price.

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