GAME Manager Accidentally Orders Complete Stock of Gift Cards

In the retail sector, having to deal with customer complaints and product launches can be extremely tiresome. As a result, it’s quite easy for staff members to make blunders under stress but these are usually on a small scale. Unbelievably, the manager of a Scottish GAME branch managed to order the company’s entire stock of gift cards. Initially, this created a panic regarding GAME’s financial status as some people believe they were about to re-enter administration. Eurogamer spoke to GAME employees who mentioned the reward card shortages but GAME has denied these claims. A spokersperson said:

 “This is simply untrue and there has not been a Gift Card ordering error,” 

“As always, customers can purchase Gift Cards across all of our stores and online.”

GAME has begun to replenish the stock levels and customers should be able to purchase gift cards at the time of writing. Whether GAME is trying to cover up this embarrassing move is up for discussion, but it’s not outside the realms of possibility. The Christmas season is vital for GAME and provides a great deal of their yearly profit totals. I highly doubt the employees in question would lie about such a silly error, meaning GAME’s official response is quite peculiar.

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