Galaxy Note 2 sells over 5 Million units

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has sold more than 5 million units worldwide, selling 2 million in the last month.

At the beginning of this month, the Korean mobile maker announced the device had sold 3 million units. The Note 2 has been on sale for five months, and originally hit UK shelves on October 1. It only made its way stateside a month ago, which might well account for the recent sales spike.

This doesn’t mean 5 million people are using the Galaxy Note 2, though. Rather, Samsung is counting sales to retailers. In other words, more than 5 million devices have shipped to go on sale, with some of them sold, some of them still on the shelves. But still, it shows the demand is there.

While 5 million is impressive, it’s a fraction of the 30 million sales theGalaxy S3 has notched up. But then the S3 has been on sale longer, and has a smaller screen (4.8-inches to the Note 2’s 5.5-inches).

Indeed, many thought the original Note wouldn’t sell, being too big to be a phone, and too small to use as a tablet. Instead, it’s spearheaded a whole new category of device, known as the ‘phablet’. HTC is rumoured to be readying a UK equivalent of its 5-inch J Butterfly (as it’s known in Japan) and Droid DNA (as it’s called in the USA) to compete with the Note 2.

Source: Samsung