GALAX Enters the SSD Market with New Gamer Series SSD

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GALAX is a company mostly know for the graphics cards, but now they’re venturing into the storage market with their new Gamer series solid state drives. The new drives are powered by the JMicron Heracles SATA III controller and boosted by an SLC Cache Auto-Release which streamlines the data pipeline and prevents cache bottlenecks.

The new SSDs are created with both high-end desktop PCs and notebooks in mind and excel at both random read/write operations for multitasking and sequential operation for fast loading times; two things a gamer wants. Other features include a high physical durability and 2 million hours MTBF, built-in wear leveling and Error Correct Code (ECC) to ensure that the data remains secure and transfers reliable even after years of heavy use.


The performance of the Gamer SSD is pretty good with sequential read and write speed of 540 and 480 MB/s respectively. Random 4K read and write performance is rated to 74,000 and 76,000 IOPS.

The GALAX Gamer SSD follows the form factor of most solid state drives with a 7mm height and comes is 2.5-inch big. “Demonstrations have shown the GALAX Gamer Series to have among the lowest power consumption of any drive in their class during even the most intense activity, with power usage practically nil during idle.” That sounds pretty good and the Gamer series SSD could be amazing for improving both performance and battery life of your notebook simultaneously.


The new GALAX Gamer SSD are available now as a 120GB model for $59.99 and 240GB model for $104.99 directly at GALAX. I couldn’t find it available in Europe at the time of writing.

Thanks to GALAX for providing us with this information

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