G.Skill’s TridentX Extreme RAM breaks world records – DDR3 reaches nearly 4GHz!

G.Skill’s TridentX Extreme Performance Memory Series has been used by professional overclockers “HiCookie” and Christian Ney to break world records. HiCookie, earlier this month, unveiled an official memory clock score on HWBot.org of 3,354MHz using an Ultra-Low CAS Latency of CL11. HiCookie achieved this record using Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K and Gigabyte’s Z77X-UD4H motherboard.

Christian Ney took it a few steps further, where just days after HiCookie’s record, Ney stepped in breaking his own personal record for memory frequency on an AMD platform. Ney used G.Skill’s TridentX memory, where he reached a RAM-busting 3,900MHz (nearly 4GHz!).

Ney used a Gigabyte motherboard, too, the GA-A75-UD4H.

What do you think of these scores? Nearly 4GHz DDR3 is just absolutely insane, yeah?

HiCookie’s HWBot.org submission.
Christian Ney’s HWBot.org submission.