G.Skill 16GB 2400MHz RipJaws 4 Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit Review

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G.Skill always seem to be ahead of the competition when it comes to releasing high frequency memory products and with DDR4 nothing has changed. Just a few days before writing this review G.Skill announced their 3300MHz DDR4 memory kits were available to buy but we have something a lot more modest in the office for today’s review. We have G.Skill’s RipJaws 4 series memory, the 4 obviously denotes DDR4, and more specifically we have a DDR4-2400MHz kit that is 16GB in size with modest CL15 latencies. G.Skill have opted for a very neat and tidy heat-spreader design that comes in a variety of colours (blue/red/black) on a matte black PCB. G.Skill are also using the latest Hynix ICs that are famed for their overclocking potential: lets hope that holds true today.



Packaging and Accessories

The packaging is simple and to the point: which is what you’d expect with memory. The front points out the targeting of the X99 platform: if you’re a consumer you couldn’t use these modules with anything else other than X99. In the near future we should see mainstream DDR4 support with Intel’s Skylake.

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A Closer Look

The heatspreader has a very nice design that looks rugged and industrial. It is only marginally taller than a standard RAM module, by about 1cm so it shouldn’t cause any clearance issues unless you have a really low-resting CPU cooler.

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2 Comments on G.Skill 16GB 2400MHz RipJaws 4 Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit Review

  • Avatar Yeltnerb1 says:

    Where are the 16GB/32GB DDR3 2133/2400 kits in the Fire Strike benchmark? I call shenanigans :

  • Avatar Calvin Summerlin says:

    I’m pretty sure this particular kit uses Micron ICs going by the serial number. All of the G.Skill kits that used Hynix thus far have had digits 5~8 of the serial number be the numbers “3400”. Samsung-based kits have “3500.” This kit has “3300”. Of course that isn’t to say ALL F4-2400C15Q-16GRB use Micron chips. It’s pretty frustrating really that the OC memory vendors don’t keep the IC consistent for each SKU.

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