Fusion Qi Wireless Charger With Apple Add-on Review

Final Thoughts


The Fusion Qi Wireless can be purchased directly from the Fusion website for $69.99. Unfortunately, I could not find stock with a preferred UK retailer.

Final Thoughts

The Qi Wireless setup is a little expensive, but it does open up a lot of practical methods for charging a very wide range of devices. The inclusion of an Apple adaptor, Micro-USB connector and a power receiver means that any devices which don’t have native Qi charging support can be quickly adapted to your needs. While I admit, having that stuck on the back of your mobile device may not be the most practical thing for a lot of people, that is certainly a market for it for those who need ease of access to their charging setup. Fusion even include a few little extras to make the setup user-friendly for those who are visually impaired, helping to make the product appealing to even more users.

The build quality is very good overall, with all components being slim, light, nicely finished and durable. They’re also surprisingly easy to install and it’s nice to see everything from screws, stickers, 3M pads, and cable management accessories included to help make the installation process as simple as possible for a wide range of usage scenarios.

The price is a little high, but you do get a lot of for your money and while I admit you can find cheaper setups on the market, I’ve yet to see one that comes with everything this set includes as standard, so it’s certainly an attractive deal in that respect.

For charging a wide range of mobile devices and gadgets with ease, The Fusion Qi is a handy piece of kit. Sure it’s not really needed for everyone, but to add some modern functionality to your desktop, or any or surface for that matter, it’s a cool little gadget to make charging as simple as possible.


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Can benefit blind/visually impaired users
  • Good range of accessories


  • Price

“Simple, easy to install and with lots of practical applications, the Fusion Qi charging kit is a welcome add-on to your digital world”

Fusion Qi Wireless Charger With Apple Add-on Review

Thank you Fusion for providing us with this sample.